Ofloxacin investigators noted antitumor activity at all doses administer including a factor

Ofloxacin  treatment of CRPC patients with bone metastases. A phase I/II dose-escalation study designed to establish the rmended dose of radium to be used in conjunction with docetaxel is currently recruiti with results anticipated in June . 3 Other investigational agen which are in various stages of ongoing clinical trials for the treatment and prevention of bone metastases in prostate canc include zibotenta dasatin saracatinib and bosutinib and cabozantinib hepatocyte growth factor receptor . OTHER EMERGING THERAPIES Immunotherapy Immunotherapies have been sought as treatments for prostate cancer for some ti but for the most part these efforts have been unsuccessful.

In addition to sipuleucel-T other immune-based therapies are currently at various stages  travoprost of development. Ipilimumab Ipilimumab is an anti-CTLA monoclonal antibody for which preliminary phase II data in advanced prostate cancer patients are available. Data from a random-ized phase II trial of ipilimumab plus ADT versus ADT alone in patients with advanced disease suggest that ipilimumab may act synergistically with ADT. 4 Two randomiz double-blind phase III trialsparing ipilimumab with placebo following radio-therapy in men with mCRPC are underway. One is in the post-docetaxel setting and the other in chemotherapy-naive patients . In additi a Table Ipilimumab: current phase III clinical trials in prostate cancer Patients Primary Status start and Trial ID NC 6 Interventions Ipilimumab Placebo Trial design Randomiz parallel gro double bli characteristics mCRPC prior treatment oue Overall survival end date Recruiting Start: May placebo-controlled with DOC End: Dec NC 8 Ipilimumab Placebo Randomiz parallel  Daptomycin 103060-53-3 gro double bli mCRPC chemotherapy-naive Overall survival Recruiting Start:

Jul placebo-controlled End: Jan End date = estimated primarypletion date and denotes al data collection date for primary oue measure. D docetaxel; mCR metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer. Asia “Pac J Clin Onco. : Blackwell Publishing Asia Pty Ltd 8 phase II trial investigating ipilimumab inbination with leuprolide acetate in the neoadjuvant setting is also recruiting at the time of writing. 6 CG/CG GVAX  buy Fesoterodine immunotherapy for prostate cancerprises two prostate tumor cell lines that have been modid to secrete granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating P Parente . In June thepany announced that a new phase II trial was being planned in the USA. MDV MDV is a novel androgen receptor block shown in preclinical studies to block testosterone binding to the androgen recept impede the movement of the androgen receptor to the nucleus of prostate cancer cells and inhibit binding to DNA. 0 In a phase I/II multicent dose-ding trial for MDV investigators noted antitumor activity at all doses administer including a factor.

It reached phase III testi but both the VITAl PSA reductions of 0 in 6 of patients. 1 trial paring GVAX immunotherapy with docetaxel and prednisone chemotherapy in men with  unicellular asymptom-atic prostate cancer) and the VITAL trial paring thebination of GVAX immunotherapy plus doc-etaxel with standard docetaxel and prednisone in men with symptomatic disease trials were terminated early in due to unfavorable results: 9 A routine safety review of VITAL revealed an imbalance of deaths .

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